About me

The guy behind the 13


Lateral thinker, skateboarder & web civilian

I am a professional illustrator, artist and web designer. Since 2009 I work freelance for people from all over the world. My fascination for web technologies (especially WordPress, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery and PHP) and expertise came from the continuous development of my personal illustration portfolio. As an artist I typically grew up the analogue way armed with a pencil and a skateboard. Soon I discovered a unbelievable huge digital world. The source of my inspiration: surfing, travelling, literature, art, the streets and the music of Sublime.

Alexander Wagner Illustration Web Design

My professional path led me from a classic ad agency to studies of architecture with a trip into gastronomy. Through many years of practical experience I can rely on a wide range of core competences in the fields of illustration, graphic and web design.

By the way, the number 13 is not an unlucky number to me – it’s my birthday. Friday, 13th to be more precise.


Digital, straightforward, up-to-date…

is my work space, my bureau, my digital interface to the outside world. I conceive of a modern place of work not (only) as an cube farm. To keep hierarchies flat, to guarantee fast communication and to coordinate projects progressively you just need an email address and a telephone (I own an original from 1951).

Nonetheless I attach importance to detailed briefings, direct dialog and personal contact to my clients. But if you live hundreds or thousands of miles away from each other, digital communication becomes essential. In each case I am always your direct contact.


Illustration & Design – an attitude towards life

To develop a modern, clear-cut and user-friendly design is crucial for me. My attention to detail and a thorough conception are essential on each single project.

Through ongoing personal development and ‘thinking outside the box’ I try to break through rigid structures and to explore new horizons. I don’t deliver a patent remedy but I respond to my partners and develop satisfying, emotional and sustainable products.

I’m working highly precise and my color range reaches beyond black and white. I work devoted to a small garage brand and enjoy the trust in my work and person by established companies as well.