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Surf & Skate Art,
Web Design.

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Hello! I am Alex Konrad a freelance illustrator, graphic and web designer with more than 7 years work experience. Currently I'm based in Karlsruhe, Germany where I work for clients from all over the world. I was born on Friday the 13th and despite I’m not really superstitious the #13 seems to me as my lucky number throughout my life. I work precise and I'm into detail, I love to draw and surf and I'm a skateboard enthusiast.

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I offer digital solutions for print and online applications. My range of services reaches from illustration, comic characters, surf and skateboard graphics, logo design to basic WordPress websites. I can do freaky, extraordinary, loud, serious, clean, minimal.

You're searching for a collaborator for your personal plan 9 from outer space? A strong partner by your side who listens, thinks for oneself and doesn't work blindly? Who supports you from the very first idea to the final product? Well, just shoot me an email – I'm looking forward to hearing from you!






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